Food Premises

Council works with food proprietors towards ensuring that all food being sold, manufactured or stored is safe for human consumption and to reduce the incidence of foodborne diseases. Council undertakes the following functions in relation to food safety:

  • The Registration of businesses under the Food Act 1984 (any business or person who prepares, sells, manufactures or packages food for public consumption). This includes temporary and mobile food premises such as those at markets, fairs and festivals.
  • Regular inspections of food businesses to ensure compliance with food safety legislation, standards and codes.
  • Investigation of food related complaints.
  • Advising food businesses of relevant food recall details.
  • Investigations of food adulteration and food-borne illness.
  • Assisting new and existing businesses to ensure compliance with food legislation and standards and codes.
  • Undertaking food sampling to determine the presence of harmful bacteria, foreign objects or incorrect labelling.

In Victoria, you cannot operate a food business unless the business is registered with the relevant local Council. A food premises must be registered with the Council before food is stored, handled, prepared or sold from that premises. Failure to register your premises is a contravention of the Food Act.

There are four classes of food premises –Class 1, Class 2, Class 3 and Class 4. This classification system ensures that the regulatory requirements are matched appropriately to the level of food safety risk associated undertaken at the respective premises of food safety risk associated undertaken at the respective premises.

ClassType of PremisesFood Safety PlanFood Safety Supervisor
1Hospitals, child care centres and aged care centres which serve potentially hazardous foodsYesYes
2Supermarkets, takeaway, restaurants, cafes etc.YesYes
3Premises that handle unpackaged low risk food or high risk pre-packaged foodNo, but minimum recording requirementsNo
4Shelf stable pre-packaged items, whole un-cut fruit and/or vegetablesNoNo

In Australia, all food labels must conform to the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

Depending on the type of business and the changes you may be making you may also need to contact Councils Building and Planning Departments to obtain other relevant permits.


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