Please find links for individual kindergartens via KidsXap below to fill out the enrolment form for kindergarten. Please ensure all information is filled out correctly and all required documentation is submitted. An email will be sent once complete which will confirm your child's enrolment.




Children are eligible to attend 4-year-old kindergarten if they turn four before 30th April of that year. Children are eligible to attend 3 year old kindergarten if they turn three before 30th April of that year. Children need to wait until they have turned 3 before they can commence in the three year old program.

We encourage you to speak to the kindergarten teacher regarding when to start your child at kindergarten. We work closely with our local schools to support all children in the progression from 3-year-old kindergarten, 4-year-old kindergarten and then to school. We encourage parents to plan ahead and start their children at a time when they will thrive rather than cope. This may mean holding your child back a little longer rather than sending them to kinder just because they meet the cut-off age. Government funding contributes to the cost of 4-year-old kindergarten for the year prior to school. While it is sometimes possible to receive funding for a second year, this is becoming increasingly difficult and strict criteria must be met. Please speak to us if you have any doubts.

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