FReeZA is an innovative youth development program providing young people between the ages of 12 and 25 with the opportunity to attend affordable and accessible music and cultural events. FReeZA attracts over 140,000 young people each year to events that take place in safe, fully supervised, drug, alcohol and smoke-free venues across the Victoria.

By participating in a local FReeZA committee you will be given the chance to make decisions and lead in the staging of events, whilst also broadening networks within the community by connecting with local businesses, schools and other organisations. Being a part of a FReeZA committee will also build your self confidence, create and develop professional relationships, and provide opportunities to explore various education and employment pathways in the music industry.

West Wimmera Shire Council holds approximately 6 events throughout the shire during the year. To find out the dates of these events keep a notice on West Wimmera Youth Group page on Facebook as all events are placed on here.

The Push

The Push is a non-profit, Victorian based youth entertainment organisation. They are also the FReeZA Support Service. You can contact The Push for advice on anything to do with your FReeZA Committee. Whether you are a FReeZA artist recording a demo or finding somewhere to rehearse, organising an outdoor event or show, running a FReeZA Push Start Battle of the Bands heat, or just needing general music industry advice, The Push can assist you. On the Push website under the Artist button you will find a listing of artists who have registered their interest to play FReeZA shows, the FReeZA Push Start resources including form downloads.

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