About Council

West Wimmera Shire Council, situated along the Victorian-South Australian border covers 9,200 square kilometres and includes the townships of Apsley, Edenhope and Harrow in the southern half of the shire through to Goroke, Kaniva and Serviceton in the north. Home to over 4,500 people, the region prides itself in its welcoming communities and a wide diversity of industry and environment.

Consisting of untouched desert parks, vast wetlands and fertile plains, West Wimmera is equally known for its acres of wheat and legumes, and as a home to the famous Malleefowl, red-tail black cockatoo and a unique abundance of wildflowers.

Lifestyle and Education

A relaxed, informal lifestyle, the Mediterranean climate and spectacular scenery are the key features of the West Wimmera region. There is no commuter rush, and beautiful, natural vistas frame any drive. The area boasts equipped sporting facilities providing excellent outdoors activities for young and old. A wide range of community groups also offer social and recreational opportunities for residents and help increase the strong sense of community.

The West Wimmera region offers primary, including preparatory, and secondary education. Small class numbers, modern facilities and comprehensive curriculum combine to support students beyond their educational goals. Numerous child care providers offer early learning services across the region.


Primary production has significantly driven growth in the region dominated by broadacre, dryland cropping systems based on wheat rotated with other cereals, oilseeds and grain legumes. Opportunities exist for further development in livestock, such as stock feed manufacturing, research and development and product differentiation through free-range production systems.

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