Whilst West Wimmera Shire Council delivers around 100 different services, we also play a key role in advocating on behalf of our communities to the state and federal governments, as well as other key stakeholders. Successful advocacy means the issues West Wimmera needs to address are 'on the radar' for government, and that proposed solutions from council and the community can gain policy support and funding.

Advocacy can involve a range of methods including making effective submissions, direct lobbying of decision makers such as politicians and state and regional departmental directors, deputations to people of influence, inviting key people to visit the Shire for first-hand experience, consultation, public media campaigns and appropriate use of social media. Under the Local Government Act 1989, Council can advocate for its community but advocacy work must not be politically partisan in nature. (The Act sets out clear references to advocacy under the role and functions of councils: 3D (2)(d) advocating the interests of the local community to other communities and governments; and 3E (1)(a) advocating and promoting proposals which are in the best interests of the local community.)

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