Agenda and Minutes 2019

The Council Meeting Agendas and Minutes for 2019 are available for download below in PDF Format. The Agenda is issued approximately one week prior to the scheduled meeting. The unconfirmed Minutes are issued several days after the meeting has been held.

If you would like a copy of these files in another format please contact Council.

Meeting Date & DetailsAgendasMinutes
Wednesday 17 April 2019
2:00pm, Connewirricoo Community Centre
Kadnook-Mooree Road, Connewirricoo VIC 3318
Not yet issued
Wednesday 20 March 2019
2:00pm, Kaniva Council Chamber
25 Baker Street, Kaniva VIC 3419
Ordinary Council Agenda
Ordinary Council Minutes
Wednesday 20 February 2019
2:00pm, Edenhope Council Chamber
49 Elizabeth Street, Edenhope VIC 3318
Ordinary Council Agenda
Attachments - Items 9 and 12
Attachments - Item 14
Ordinary Council Minutes

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