Community Forums

Three times each year, West Wimmera Shire Council hold their monthly Council Meeting followed by a Community Forum in one of the smaller communities within the Shire.

This provides residents in these smaller communities with the opportunity to attend a Council Meeting, share a complimentary meal with Councillors and the Senior Management Group, and then raise local issues and ideas with Council at the Community Forum which follows.

Council takes the opportunity to engage the relevant Hall Committee to provide catering for these events, as a way of supporting the Committee's fundraising activities.

2017 Community Forum Details

DateLocationCouncil Meeting Commencement Time
Wednesday 19 April 2017Benayeo Community Hall4.00 pm
Wednesday 19 July 2017South Lillimur Fire Shed4.00 pm
Tuesday 17 October 2017Nurcoung Memorial Hall10.00 am

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