Kaniva Community Hub

The Kaniva Community Hub project at the Kaniva Recreation Reserve includes the construction of a new structure to replace the existing clubrooms with a larger function room, meeting room/office, flexible meeting space and commercial kitchen. To future-proof for predicted usage, upgrades to the power and water supply to the Reserve are included in the project.

The project cost is $815,400 comprised of the following contributions:

  1. State Government Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund – $495,000
  2. Kaniva Leeor United Football Club – $100,000
  3. West Wimmera Shire Council – $50,000
  4. Kaniva Hockey Club – $10,000
  5. Kaniva Leeor United Netball Club – $10,000
  6. Kaniva A & P Society – $1,000
  7. Fundraising and Philanthropic contributions – $99,000
  8. In-kind and non-financial support - $50,400

Why do we need the Kaniva Community Hub?

Kaniva Recreation Reserve is a hub of social connectivity in the Community, being home to four strong sporting clubs, and used regularly for functions.

The existing building is a small, outdated structure and struggles to meet the demands of its regular use. The power and water supplies to the Recreation Reserve are insufficient to satisfy the current requirements and is restricting potential improvements to the Reserve.

Upgrading the power supply to three-phase power will guarantee the current and future power needs of the Reserve. It will allow large Community functions to proceed without the concern of the power supply not coping with demand. It will allow user groups to pursue lighting upgrades for their facilities to enable night events, training and competitions to proceed safely, increasing the flexibility of the Reserve.

Upgrading the water supply to the Reserve will enable a more efficient and cost effective watering of the existing playing surfaces and will allow additional playing surfaces to be constructed.

The new Hub will be a multi-function space for regular meetings of existing user groups and will potentially become a new home for other organisations.

The construction of the Kaniva Community Hub will provide a quality Community facility that will enhance the morale of the Community. The investment will help retain the local population by increasing the liveability of Kaniva with a vastly improved Kaniva Recreation Reserve precinct.

Universal access will be a key inclusion in the new structure, and this will provide greater accessibility to people of all abilities and age groups. The communities of Kaniva and surrounding districts will value this project as an economic and social boost to the area.

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