Local Laws

Local Laws controlled activities requiring permits include:

  • Driving livestock through the municipal district
  • Storage of more than one old or second hand vehicles and/or machinery, visable from a public place
  • Keeping animals in excess of that permitted in clause 11 - Animal Limitations
  • Erecting a temporary dwelling as per clause 12
  • Camping on land in township exceeding 28 days
  • Providing an area adjacent to licenced premises that alcohol can be assumed

Activities prohibited under Local Laws:

  • Consumption of alcohol on roads or in car parks within shopping precincts - Community Local Law 2012 Part 20
  • Consumption and possession of alcohol on reserves from 11pm - 6am - Community Local Law 2012 Part 21
  • Untidy and dangerous premises - Community Local Law 2012 Part 22
  • Owner or occupier must ensure that pest animals or noxious weeds are not present or grown on his or her land - Community Local Law 2012 Part 23
  • Unregistered vehicles on roads or council land - Community Local Law 2012 Part 24


Adrian Schmidt
Local Laws Officer
PO Box 201, Edenhope VIC 3318
Phone: 03 5585 9900
Email: council@westwimmera.vic.gov.au

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