Recreational Trails Strategy

Please let us know what you think of the Draft Trails Strategy at feedback survey closes Friday 21st September 2018.

Recreation trails are for stepping outside, stretching the legs and exploring the great outdoors whether it be by foot, mountain bike, horse or canoe. They provide access to many treasures hidden within the natural environment such as creeks, looks outs, wildflowers and native animals.

West Wimmera Shire Council is committed to constructing well-planned and visionary public infrastructure to complement existing community assets. Council is also eager to provide its community with opportunities to improve their contribution to physical and social activity. A trails strategy would begin the process of developing long-term community infrastructure that contributes to increasing participation across the shire.

The aim of the West Wimmera Recreational Trails Strategy is to develop a consistent policy framework over a ten year period to guide decisions about the management of, and investment in, trails and to provide a vision of what the trail network across West Wimmera will look like in the future. Ultimately, the West Wimmera Recreational Trails Strategy will form part of a Municipal Sport and Recreation Strategy to guide broader sport and recreation infrastructure development and complement the Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan with the broad mission, goals and priorities of local government to enable people living in the municipality to achieve maximum health and wellbeing. Achieving strategic alignment of these plans is critical to achieving health and wellbeing outcomes in our local communities. The West Wimmera Recreational Trails Strategy will also look to the tourism and economic benefits that can be realised through a strategic approach to the development of tracks and trails infrastructure.

This funding will be used to engage a qualified consultant to undertake a strategic planning process, highlighting the advantages of recreational trails in West Wimmera and potential locations and types of trails suited to the area. A project scope will be finalised and agreed to by the relevant consultant, including expected milestones and outcomes. West Wimmera Shire Council will be fully engaged in the process through active project management.

The Council Plan recognises Council's role in balancing a competitive and innovative economy, a health and resilient environment and community wellbeing. This project has the potential to combine, and deliver on, each of these themes, creating countless positive effects on the community, environment and economy.

Trails make communities better places to live by preserving and creating open spaces for recreation. They provide a safe, inexpensive avenue for regular exercise for people living in rural areas. Further, there is evidence that supports providing convenient, integrated access to places for physical activity, such as trails connecting to parks or other recreational facilities, increases the level of physical activity in a community.

Specific consultation and engagement with key stakeholders will occur as part of the project, to ensure the outcome meets the needs of our diverse communities. The project will also investigate potential links with neighbouring LGA's (including in South Australia), which will further enhance the potential for increased participation outcomes.


Nola McFarlane
Project Coordinator
Phone: 03 5585 9900

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