West Wimmera Shire Council has five Councillors that serve the community for a four-year term. Our Councillors are dedicated to representing the interests of residents and ratepayers. They provide leadership and guidance, and exist to improve communication between the community and Council.

Councillors elect the Mayor each year in November at the Annual Statutory Meeting. Since West Wimmera Shire Council was formed, the following Councillors have served as Mayor:

2020 Councillor Bruce Meyer
2019 Councillor Jodie Pretlove
2018 Councillor Jodie Pretlove
2017 Councillor Bruce Meyer
2016 Councillor Annette Jones
2015 Councillor Annette Jones
2014 Councillor Ronald R Hawkins
2013 Councillor Bruce Meyer
2012 Councillor Eveline Van Breugel Ord
2011 Councillor Darren Rayner
2010 Councillor Ronald R Hawkins
2009 Councillor Bruce Meyer
2008 Councillor Warren Wait
2007 Councillor Darren Rayner
2006 Councillor Linda Guthridge
2005 Councillor Warren Wait
2004 Councillor Ronald R Hawkins
2003 Councillor Bruce Meyer
2002 Councillor Linda Guthridge
2001 Councillor Bruce Meyer
2000 Councillor Warren Wait
1999 Councillor Warren Wait
1998 Councillor Carlyne Whitehead
1997 Councillor Bruce Meyer

West Wimmera Shire Councillors and staff are appointed as representatives on a number of organisations, committees and government bodies for the benefit of West Wimmera Shire Council, businesses and residents of the shire. Details available on the Committee Representation page.

Official correspondence and invitations to the Mayor and Councillors should be addressed to:

Governance Manager
West Wimmera Shire Council
PO Box 201, Edenhope VIC 3318
Phone: 03 5585 9900

Councillor Bruce Meyer, 1

Councillor Bruce Meyer


Ph: 0437 261 280


Councillor Jodie Pretlove, 1

Councillor Jodie Pretlove


Ph: 0437 238 902


Councillor Trevor Domaschenz, 1

Councillor Trevor Domaschenz


Ph: 0437 220 351


Councillor Richard Hicks, 1

Councillor Richard Hicks


Ph: 0437 219 818


Councillor Tom Houlihan, 1

Councillor Tom Houlihan


Ph: 0437 219 881


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