Australia Day Awards

West Wimmera Shire Council recognises outstanding community service for and within the Municipality with the annual Australia Day Awards.

There are four categories of awards which are presented to the winners each Australia Day:

  • Citizen of the Year
  • Young Citizen of the Year (30 years and under)
  • Community Event of the Year
  • Community Group of the Year

Nominations for the 2020 Australia Day Awards are now open. Nominations forms are available here:

Enquiries regarding submitting a nomination can be made to

Australia Day Award Recipients

YearAward CategoryRecipient
2019Citizen of the YearAlan Miles
2019Young Citizen of the YearJustin Merrett
2019Community Event of the YearFirst XI Celebrations for 1868 Cricket Tour - March / April 2018
Joint Winner: The 150th Anniversary of Australia's First XI Cricket Team to
Tour England & the UK in 1868 (at Edenhope & Kaniva)
Joint Winner: The First XI Legends of 1868 Concert (at Harrow)
2018Citizen of the YearKelvin Burns
2018Community Event of the YearLinda & Sandy's Christmas Lunch
2017Citizen of the YearTanya Turner
2017Young Citizen of the YearJonathon Kyle
2017Community Event of the YearApsley Racing Club Cup 2016
2016Young Citizen of the YearSarah Nash
2016Community Event of the YearHenley on Lake Wallace
2015Citizen of the YearMark McClure
2015Young Citizen of the YearNick Doelle
2015Community Event of the YearTussock Jumpers Fundraising Inc
2014Citizen of the YearHelen Hobbs
2014Young Citizen of the YearBen Light
2014Community Event of the YearPathways to Harrow 2013
2013Citizen of the YearGordon Williams
2013Community Event of the YearEdenhope P&A Show | Celebrating 150 years
2012Citizen of the YearThomas Houlihan
2012Community Event of the YearLake Charlegrark Country Music Marathon
2011Citizen of the YearJan Lampard
2011Community Event of the YearCelebrating the Centenary of Edenhope Hospital
2010Citizen of the YearBernie Kelly
2009Citizen of the YearWilliam (Jack) Cooney
2009Community Event of the YearThe Annual Convention of 2012 District Lions
2008Citizen of the YearBrendan Hausler
2008Community Event of the YearThe Cancer Council Australia's Biggest Morning Tea
2007Citizen of the YearWendy Meyer
2007Community Event of the YearEdenhope Utility Dog Championships
2006Citizen of the YearRuth & Stan Walter
2006Community Event of the YearKaniva Roadhouse Cooperative
2005Citizen of the YearMaxwell D Carter
2005Community Event of the YearKaniva Apex Club | Kaniva Look at Ya Toys Carshow
2004Citizen of the YearFrank Guy
2004Community Event of the YearEdenhope & Apsley Lions Clubs
2003Citizen of the YearEvan Arnold
2002Citizen of the YearAudrey Huntly
2001Citizen of the YearJeanette Feder
2001Community Event of the YearKaniva & District Landcare Sub-Committee
2000Citizen of the YearFrances Ryan
2000Community Event of the Year Kaniva Rotary Club
1999Citizen of the YearEdith Feder
1999Community Event of the YearWestern Border Endurance Ride
1999Junior Citizen of the YearJeffrey Maidment
1998Citizen of the YearFred Lowe
1998Community Event of the YearHarrow by Night Sound & Light
1998Junior Citizen of the YearAaron Zwar
1996Citizen of the YearJohn S Warner
1996Community Event of the YearApsley Remembers Concert Party
1996Junior Citizen of the YearGlen Gray

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