Flora & Fauna

This region boasts unique flora and fauna.

West Wimmera Shire accounts for an incredible 25% of Victoria's individual wetlands. You may catch a glimpse of endangered birds such as the Brolga (as featured in Council's logo), Freckled Ducks, or migratory birds during their travels from far flung parts of the World.

Lakes Charlegrark, Bringalbert, Ratzcastle and Wallace plus Serviceton Reservoir and Broughton's Waterhole generally contain permanent water. Wetlands are important recreational facilities, offering activities such as camping, waterskiing, bird watching, fishing and yabbying. Try your luck fishing for Murray Cod, Yellow Belly, Redfin or yabbies.

The Little Desert National Park park is alive with flora and fauna including 670 plants species and 200 species of birds. Be sure to learn about the unique Malleefowl at the Little Desert Nature Lodge. Keep a watch for Wedge-Tailed Eagles and the endangered Red-Tail Black Cockatoo.

West Wimmera Shire is home to the largest concentration of Red-tailed Black Cockatoos (Calyptorhynchus banksii graptogyne) in Victoria. It is estimated that the population of this endangered species is only 700-1000 birds. Red-tailed Black Cockatoos nest in hollows formed in old eucalypts, particularly the dead Red Gums which are found in many West Wimmera paddocks.

Your best chance of seeing these beautiful rare birds is to search in the Brown Stringybark Forests in the early evening until dusk when the bird flies to watering holes and then to roost. You may also view the aviary bred Red Tailed Black Cockatoo in the Rotary Lions Aviary & the Fauna & Wetlands Park in Kaniva.

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