In January 1995, the Shire of Kaniva and parts of the Shires of Kowree, Arapiles and Glenelg were amalgamated by the Victorian Government to form West Wimmera Shire Council. The main townships are Edenhope and Kaniva with smaller rural areas including Harrow, Goroke, Serviceton, Dergholm, Apsley just to name a few. The Shire is large in area however small in population. The Map below shows the new shire as of January 1995.

A Map of Victorian Shire highlighting the West Wimmera Shire

Some interesting 'facts at a glance' about the historical buildings of West Wimmera Shire. For further information historical happenings of the shire please contact:

Edenhope Historical Society

Secretary: Jan Lampard


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Apsley Action Group

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