Filming in West Wimmera

West Wimmera is a film friendly location with West Wimmera Shire Council welcoming applications for filming and photography within the Shire. Council endeavours to accommodate the needs of the film industry, while also balancing the local amenity of residents and businesses.

The following information relates to commercial filming, including television, feature films, advertising and television commercials, documentaries and music videos.

Filming Approval

If you wish to film on public space within West Wimmera Shire you should first call Council's Economic Development Unit to discuss your requirements. Council can then help you ensure that your filming activity is in accordance with Council regulations, and that approvals can be granted in time for filming.

You will then be asked to complete West Wimmera Shire's Filming Application Form and return it to the Economic Development Unit.

Council will respond to your application within five business days of receiving it, unless complex arrangements are required, in which case it may take longer to approve your application.

Filming Permit Fees

Fees may apply for permits and parking reservations, therefore please contact Council's Economic Development Unit prior to lodging your application to discuss your requirements and to identify if fees or charges will be applicable.

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