Harrow Discovery Centre

The Harrow Discover Centre - Johnny Mullagh Interpretive Centre was officially opened by Geoff and Helen Handbury OAM on 18th April 2004.

Come and explore the many stories of Harrow at The Harrow Discovery Centre/Johnny Mullagh Interpretive Centre. Learn about the unique journey and history of Unaarrimin (Johnny Mullagh) and the Australian Aboriginal cricket team that toured England in 1868, Australia's first international cricket team. The 1868 Aboriginal cricket teams tour of England has been named as a "Defining Moment in Australian History" by the National Museum of Australia.

Spend some time exploring the journey of the first eleven or viewing the Bradman exhibition, described as the largest privately held collection of its kind.

The Harrow Discovery Centre also has an exhibition space that hosts regular exhibitions encompassing many artistic mediums such as photographic, painting, artisan quality handcrafts and embroidery.


1 Blair Street, Harrow VIC 3317
Phone: 03 5588 1387
Email: discover.harrow@gmail.com
Website: www.harrow.org.au

WARNING: This website and the Harrow Discovery Centre includes images and names of deceased people that may cause distress to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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