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2019/2020 Draft Budget On 15 May 2019, West Wimmera Shire Council formally considered its Proposed Budget for 2019/2020. The following information is provided in respect of this Public Notice:Council ...READ MORE

I'm sure all our residents across West Wimmera Shire are grateful to see the dust settle and have welcomed the recent rains. Just hoping we have all had enough to green the pastures and allow our ...READ MORE

The Victorian Government's trial to allow the use of kangaroo meat resulting from authorised wildlife control activities to be processed into pet food has been extended to 30 September 2019.During the ...READ MORE

We were very pleased to hear that more mobile phone towers will be constructed within West Wimmera, creating much needed connectivity.The Federal Government has announced that Telstra will build new ...READ MORE

LGI Governance Audit

Mar, 04, 2019 News

The Local Government Inspectorate lodged a report on January 24, 2019 detailing the results of West Wimmera Shire Council's Governance Review.In September 2018 West Wimmera Shire Council participated ...READ MORE

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