Shire Playground audit finalised

Mar 21, 2017 News

A playground audit of all play and leisure areas under Council control has been finalised, indicating some playgrounds fall short of current safety standards.

Professional playground auditor, Ray Hutchison, has provided an itemised assessment of every component against its relevant safety standards and provided recommendations for the most urgent repairs.

General Manager Infrastructure Development and Works, Robyn Evans, said that removal of the most unsafe equipment will happen immediately, but that officers would review the whole audit report for a considered program over time.

"Items that don't constitute excessive risk to children and other users will be dealt with as part of our maintenance and capital works program," Ms Evans said.

Council will remove several pieces of equipment including a large slide at Edenhope Lions Park, and substandard swing, slide and combination unit at the Kaniva Recreation Reserve.

Ms Evans said that with the exception of a combination unit at the Kaniva Recreation Reserve, replacement of equipment will not occur until the final review had been undertaken.

"Community indicated the importance of the Kaniva Recreation Reserve in the consultations Council conducted in 2014," Ms Evans said, "so a pre-purchased combination unit will be reinstalled there before the end of the financial year."

"Other appropriate replacement options will be investigated thoroughly"

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