West Wimmera Shire to develop a Recreational Trails Strategy

Jun 20, 2017 News

West Wimmera Shire Council will develop a Recreational Trails Strategy, after receiving funding from Sport and Recreation Victoria. The aim of the Strategy is to develop a consistent policy framework over a 10 year period to guide decisions about the management of, and investment in, trails and to provide a vision of what the trail network across West Wimmera will look like in the future.

Ultimately, the Strategy will form part of a Municipal Sport and Recreation Strategy to guide broader sport and recreation infrastructure development and complement the Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan. Achieving strategic alignment of these plans is critical to achieving health and wellbeing outcomes in our local communities.

The Strategy will also look to the tourism and economic benefits that can be realised through a strategic approach to the development of tracks and trails infrastructure across the shire.

"The Strategy is to include consideration of, but not be limited to, walking, cycling, mountain biking and water trails. Key objectives of the strategy include identifying and mapping existing and potential tracks, developing a detailed implementation plan, and prioritising potential infrastructure development with regard to health and wellbeing, tourism and economic benefits," explains Council's Chief Executive Officer David Leahy

The Strategy applies to the West Wimmera local government area in its entirety, however there are areas of significant interest that are expected to be focused on such as locations where the natural environment can be appreciated and leveraged to increase participation; locations where physical activity opportunities are limited; and locations that link users to recognisable sites.

A professional consultant with experience in trails development will be engaged to complete this work. The project will involve a significant amount of community consultation. For those interested in providing input in to the Strategy, please stay up to date with council news by subscribing to the West Wimmera Wire, following West Wimmera Shire Council on Facebook or regularly visiting the Recreational Trails Strategy webpage.

West Wimmera Shire Council acknowledges the contribution of Sport and Recreation Victoria towards this project.

Further details contact Kellie Jordan | Project Coordinator | 03 5392 7700 | kelliejordan@westwimmera.vic.gov.au

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