The Fire Season is fast approaching

Oct 12, 2017 News

As the weather warms up it is now time to start thinking about preparing for the Fire Season. Everyone in community plays a part in Fire prevention.

Property owners play a pivotal role in fire prevention by maintaining their properties to reduce the risk during the fire danger period. It's time to address potential fire hazards including long grass and start mowing or spraying your grass areas now. If spraying take care as to not affect your neighbours or spray non targeted areas, keeping in mind that at the start of the fire restriction period any grass, even sprayed grass exceeding 100mm will need to be mowed.

"We ask property owners to assist council by being proactive and taking preventative action now, reducing the fire risk and making our communities safer for everyone" said West Wimmera Shire Mayor, Bruce Meyer.

The CFA, DELWP (Forestry management) and Council also undertake works to minimize the fire risk.

Council will commence inspections late October to identify properties that may pose a fire hazard. These properties will be issued a fire prevention notice and failure to comply with the notice by the due date will incur costs to the property owner/occupant to have this hazard removed. The owner/occupant may also incur a fine.

To reduce fire hazards it is necessary to remove any fuel sources. Common examples include but are not limited to:-

  • Long grass, leaves and twigs
  • Rubbish
  • Trees and shrubs close to buildings
  • Empty cardboard boxes, which can be a problem in commercial areas
  • Fire wood should be stacked clear of buildings
  • "It is also a great time to start thinking about your individual Bushfire Plan" said Cr Meyer.

    For further information and resources to assist you to develop you Bushfire Plan visit

    If you have already completed fire prevention works, thank you for being proactive and assisting Council to provide a safer community for everyone.

    For further information contact: Adrian Schmidt | Municipal Fire Prevention Officer | 03 55585 9900.

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