Corella Management Program continues

Jan 30, 2018 News

Over the last several weeks West Wimmera Shire has again been implementing the Shire's Corella Management plan in Edenhope.

Corellas are attracted to Edenhope and have become an issue in the township over the last few years. Depending on the weather, food availability and season, numbers within the township vary.

This year as well as the use of scare cartridges in the evenings to prevent roosting, we are implementing a trial free feeding site beginning the 22 January 2018. This involves the feeding of wheat at an approved crown land swamp away from the township. The aim is to draw the birds away from the township during the day. The effectiveness of this method will be continuously evaluated but it is still early into this trial.

We are currently investigating other alternative methods including the use of a Drone to move the corellas out of the township. A trial of this method has begun in Horsham this week. We are monitoring the implementation of this new method and the possibility of utilising this tool in our Corella Management Program.

We are currently implementing deterrent action using bird fright cartridges several evenings a week between 8.00 pm - 9.10 pm, Monday through to Friday.

Council reminds residents that the noise may disturb your animals including horses so you may need to take extra measures to confine your animals.

We will be continuing the Corella SMS program which will inform registered recipients via text message of upcoming deterrent and shooting location, starting and estimated finishing times.

To be placed on Corella SMS list please contact the Council office in Edenhope on 5585 9900. If you do not have a mobile phone, please provide an alternate contact number and we will call you to advise prior to the deterrent action being implemented.

The Corella Management Plan is available from the shire offices or from the Strategic Plans webpage.

Further details contact Adrian Schmidt | Ranger | 03 5585 9900

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