Mayor Pretlove Re-Elected

Nov 12, 2018 News

Councillor Jodie Pretlove has been re-elected as Mayor of West Wimmera

Shire at this week's Annual Statutory Meeting in Kaniva.

"It is an absolute privilege and I feel extremely honoured to have been re-elected as Mayor of West Wimmera Shire Council" said Mayor Jodie Pretlove.

"It is such an important role. I thank my Councillor colleagues for their support, and the trust they are placing in me to lead Council over the coming year".

"The past twelve months have been challenging and rewarding. I'm really looking forward to building on that experience and continuing to work closely with Councillors, staff and the Senior Management Group, who all work tirelessly for the benefit of every West Wimmera resident" said Mayor Pretlove.

"I have particularly enjoyed being involved in the lobbying Council has undertaken with State and Federal Government representatives in the past year, which has yielded some positive results for our region. Plans are already underway for our lobbying efforts in 2019, and I look forward to continuing this work".

"It's really exciting being part of West Wimmera Shire Council and to be working together with such a competent team, right across the whole organisation. We have a lot going on with several major projects currently underway. The next twelve months will be very busy and I'm sure very rewarding".

"I am very confident that the competency within Council's work place will result in these projects being delivered professionally and on time" said Mayor Pretlove.

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