Nov 23, 2018 News

Hi, from Councillor Trevor Domeschenz.

Congratulations to my Patyah neighbours Elaine Bull and Don Foster who received the COTA Senior Achiever Award at the 2018 Victorian Senior of the Year Awards. Elaine also won the West Wimmera Senior Citizen award.

As a shire as long as we get it on the truck, in the bin or bale we are fortunate with the season and prices. We feel for our community our country cousins that are not so fortunate.

Some welcome water flowed into most of our southern wetlands. The southern part of our shire really the Kool Kakadu of South Australia. On the same theme, work has started on the playground and wetland area in Kaniva. Hopefully, between that and the silo art that is planned, we will get a lot more visitors to stop and stay and spend. The Goroke Little Desert Nature Playspace is proving a hit with all local and visiting kids.

The Wimmera Southern Mallee Socio-economic Value of Recreational and Environmental Water study has found Lake Wallace, Charlegrark and Ratzcastle have a total economic and health benefits of nearly $4million per year. This report should make it easier to attract funding to improve facilities at all our lakes. With more improvements to our lakes, like the one at Lake Charlegrark, it is more enticing for travellers to stay and spend in our region. With farm amalgamation and technology improvements in the agricultural industry, it is essential that we diversify into industries like tourism to ensure the continued success of our small towns.

The Annual Edenhope Fishing Competition had another excellent turn out with similar numbers of entries as last year despite the weather. It's terrific to see so many families out and about enjoying our regions natural spoils. The 'Tag-a-fish' completion should bring people back to Lake Wallace again and again. Well done to the organisers.

After two long years, as West Wimmera Shire Council, we have finally begun or finished all the projects inherited from the past council - It's a bit of a milestone.

While the announcement of the Freshwater hatchery in Shepparton was not an ideal economic outcome for West Wimmera, Council will continue to pursue opportunities for the existing infrastructure at the Lake Charlegrark site. Currently, The State Government is committed to delivering its $46 million Target One Million plan for recreational fishing, which aims to grow participation to one million anglers by 2020. We see this as a significant opportunity for the West Wimmera Shire to capitalise one fishing tourism.

I hope everyone has a safe and merry Xmas. Make sure you enjoy yourself and watch out for your mates.

- Trevor Domaschenz

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