Vandalism to Council street trees in Kaniva

Jun 03, 2019 News

After an investigation West Wimmera Shire Council staff have discovered the cause of two beautiful trees dying in Dungey Street, Kaniva.

After being alerted of damage to the trees in late 2018, Council investigated to find that the two ash trees appeared to have been vandalised. The culprit drilled several holes in the base of the trunks where it is presumed that poison was applied, causing the trees to die.

The apparent vandalism concerns Council and the matter has been reported to the Police who are investigating.

There will be considerable cost in having the dead trees and stumps removed and then replaced with two new trees.

The West Wimmera Shire townships like Kaniva are blessed with many healthy trees along their streets, parks & gardens. Trees add significant value to towns with their beauty, colour and shade in summer.

These street trees are a West Wimmera community assets and the Council Parks and Garden staff take much pride in maintaining and caring for these trees.

However, Council also has decided on requests, to lop or remove street trees.

Council's Street Tree Policy outlines the process for applying tree removal and the criteria against which such an application is assessed.

It is an offence to remove, lop or destroy a street tree without the prior consent of Council.

Where it is requested and approved, Council's staff or appointed contractors will carry out the pruning as part of its maintenance program.

Individual tree planting requested by residents will also be considered against the recommendations of the Street Tree Strategy and Council's Township Amenity Plan and assessed for suitability.

Further information on Council's Street Tree Policy can be obtained from either the Edenhope or Kaniva Offices and the policy is available on Council's website.-END-

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