Meal voucher program finalists in customer service awards

Jul 23, 2019 News

The West Wimmera Shire Council Community Services Team who developed the popular meal voucher program have been named finalists for the prestigious LGPRO Customer Service Award.

The LGPro Customer Service Award recognises an individual or a team that has developed and implemented a project or program which has achieved significant service improvement through an effective and innovative approach. It is open to individuals as well as teams across all Council departments that play a role in customer service.

The 'Meal Voucher Program' is a customer service initiative that has rethought the traditional meals-on-wheels program by giving resident vouchers to participating local businesses.

Community Services Team Leader Jo Grant said that the program came about because of a significant drop in number to the traditional delivered meal service.

"We often found that many residents felt restricted when it comes to meals on wheels. The new meal voucher programs give the choice back to the people giving them the option when, where and what they would like to eat."

"The program also promotes social interactions and which is extremely important especially in rural towns which can often feel isolating.

"We have had an amazing response with many clients showing a range positive health benefits because of the program as well as local business who have benefited from more customers eating from their establishments on a more regular basis.

The winner of the award will be announced towards the end of day one of the Customer Service Conference to be held on Thursday 15 August at CQ Functions, 113 Queen Street, Melbourne.

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