Privacy Policy

West Wimmera Shire endorses and supports fair information privacy handling practices. The privacy practices of this site are governed by the Victorian Information Privacy Act 2000, which establishes Information Privacy Principles to which this site is subject and provides for complaints and penalties for interfering with personal privacy through the Privacy Commissioner.

This site does not collect, use or disclose personal information except that which you provide freely through online forms. Any information provided by you will only be used in accordance with your consent and for the purpose for which you provided the information except in exceptional circumstances where authorised by law.

Visitor logs may be used on this site for statistical purposes only and include your server's address, top-level domain name, date and time of visit, pages downloaded and browser used. No attempt is made to identify users or their browsing activity. This information is only used to update and improve this site.

If you have any queries regarding this Privacy Statement, please contact West Wimmera Shire Council on 03 5585 9900 or 03 5392 7700.

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