Corella Management Plan

In 2013 Council commenced the 2013-17 Corella Management Plan to address the damage caused in our townships by flocks of Corella's. This program includes range of different approaches to address this problem including:

  • Laser and strobe lights
  • Scare kites
  • Gas gun
  • The use of fright cartridges
  • Live ammunition

Corella's are intelligent birds and quickly come to recognise patterns so to ensure an effective Corella Management program we need to change the approach regularly.

Council reminds residents that the noise may disturb your animals including horses so you may need to take extra measures to confine your animals. Weekly updates are published on the West Wimmera Facebook page during the Corella season, or you can nominate to receive SMS updates on your mobile. Contact Council offices in Edenhope on 03 5585 9900 or Kaniva on 03 5392 7700 to be placed on the SMS contact list.

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