Edenhope Depot Solar Project

Council was successful in obtaining funding through the Victorian Climate Change Grant 2015 to install solar panels and a power generation tracker on a nominated Council building.

A solar system was installed and went live February 2017 at the main shed of the Edenhope Depot, Coleraine Edenhope Road, Edenhope.

System Components:
A Grid-Connect PV system
SMA Inverter25kw
Panel Capacity 25
SMA Energy Meter1
SMA Home Manager1

Below is a real time details of the energy collected by the solar panels.

Edenhope Workshop Solar Project Outputs:

  • Supply & install solar power generation at the Edenhope Depot
  • Design of a simple, real time, web based representation of the project
  • Active administration and updates of the web page and social media
  • Energy saving ideas workshop with community groups
  • Develop a plan to build on the project, including ongoing infrastructure investment by Council.

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