Zones and Overlays

What is a zone?

A zone specifies the purpose for a piece of land and how the land can be used. It can also have controls in relation to buildings and works and subdivision. All land in the West Wimmera Shire Council Municipality and Victoria is zoned.

Every zone has a table of uses, divided into three sections:

  1. Section 1. Uses which do not require a Planning Permit.
  2. Section 2. Uses which do require a Planning Permit.
  3. Section 3. Uses that are prohibited.

Under each section particular uses may have conditions that need to be met to ensure that they stay within that section. eg. If a Section 1 (no permit required) Use condition is not met then the use becomes a Section 2 (permit required) Use. This is the same for a Section 2 (permit required) Use, if the condition is not met then the use becomes a Section 3 (prohibited) Use.

What is an overlay?

An overlay applies controls to land where the zone does not address specific issues. Eg. Environmental, Heritage and Flooding. Any provisions of an overlay apply in addition to any zoning provisions.

What are the schedules to zones and overlays for?

All requirements under the zones and overlays are state wide and cannot be altered; however schedules to the zones and overlays allow specific local objectives and requirements to be incorporated into the planning scheme. Eg. Heritage related triggers depending on the address of the property or Environmental schedules depending what environs it is close to (river or ocean).

Find the zones and overlays of a property

Type an address into the West Wimmera Planning Scheme on-line to get a free property report with the zones and overlays of the property. You can print the map or read it on-line. Free property reports can be obtained from

If you would like any assistance understanding information provided on the zones and overlays please contact Council.

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