Application for a Planning Permit

An application for planning permit has been made which may affect you.

Details of the application:-

Address of the land: Crown allotment 48 parish of Dinyarrak, Western Highway, Serviceton

What use or development is proposed in the application:
Remove native vegetation – 15 selected paddock trees to improve access to and safety of farmland for cropping operations, including spraying, seeding and harvesting

You may look at the application and any documents that support the application at the Office of the Responsible Authority at the West Wimmera Shire 49 Elizabeth Street, Edenhope or 25 Baker Street, Kaniva. This can be done during office hours and is free of charge.

The application reference number is: P1503

You may object if you are affected by the granting of the permit. Your objection must be in writing and include the reasons for your objection and be sent to the Responsible Authority. That Responsible Authority will not decide on the application until at least 14 days have elapsed from the date of this notice. If you object, the Responsible Authority will tell you its decision.

Name of Applicant: Jonathan Dyer

Date of notice: 14th February 2018

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