As of 1 July, the Victorian Government introduced a ban of all electronic waste (e-waste) going into landfill. For the community, this means that any item that has a plug, power cord or battery that is no longer working or wanted will be banned from entering landfills across the state.

E-waste is growing three times faster than the rate of standard municipal waste; it is full of valuable resources that can be reused, but also contains many hazardous materials which, don't belong in landfill.

Materials, from these items, such as plastic, batteries, precious metals and glass can be turned into reusable products such as toys, keyboards, new batteries, new screens for televisions, jewellery and many more things. Rather than putting it in the bin and sending it to landfill, there are better places where you can take e-waste items.

What items are e-waste?

If it has a plug or uses batteries then it is e-waste!

Large appliances - Refrigerators, washing machines, cookers, microwaves, electric fans, air conditioners

Small appliances - Irons, toasters, coffee machines, hair dryers, watches

IT, telecommunications and TV equipment - Computers, laptops, printers, mobile phones, televisions, remote controls, desktop phones

Other e-waste - Medical devices, automatic dispensers, thermostats

Lighting equipment - Fluorescent lamps, high intensity, discharge lamps, compact fluorescent lamps, LEDs

Electrical and electronic tools - Drills, saws, sewing machines, lawn mowers, batteries

Toys, leisure and sports equipment - Electric trains and racing cars, hand-held video games, consoles, amplifiers, musical instruments, radios

Where can I take my e-waste?

You can dispose of your e-waste free (until further notice) at any one of Councils transfer stations.

Smaller items such as mobile phones, light globes, batteries and printer cartridges can be disposed at Council's e-waste sorting station located in the front foyer at the Edenhope office.

If the items are still in working order you could donate, sell or give the items away. Facebook buy, swap and sell pages are a great place to get rid of unwanted items.

If you are considering op shops, be sure to check with them before you donate, as not all are able to accept electrical or electronic items.

Where does the e-waste go after I dispose of it at the transfer station?

E-waste, from Council's transfer stations, goes to Axis Worx in Horsham, which is a certified Social Enterprise providing supported employment for people with a disability who are unable to work in the open employment sector.

Further information

For more Information on what e-waste is, where it goes and how it is recycled, visit Sustainability Victoria's campaign website

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