Pet Ownership

Deciding to become a pet owner requires considered thought and planning all potential pet owners need to be sure they are really ready to take on the responsibility of owning a pet before going ahead and making a choice of breed of pet.

The first question you must ask yourself is "Can I look after a pet properly?" If the answer is "Yes", the next step is to make the right choice of pet in accordance with your lifestyle and priorities.

How to care for your pet

  • Make sure your pet has a dry sleeping area.
  • Give your pet regular exercise
  • Protect your pet's health through vaccinations, regular worm control and controlling fleas and ticks.
  • Register your dog or cat with Council and ensure the animal wears its registration tag.
  • Confine your pet to your property at all times.
  • Obedience training will make your dog a better companion and stop it being a nuisance through barking and attacking.
  • Ensure that your pet in under control preferably on a lead at all times when in public.
  • Microchipping not only identifies your pet for life, but it can save your pet's life.

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