Shire Information

The municipality encompasses 9,108 square kilometres, including sections of the Little Desert National Park and Big Desert National Park, as well as over two thousand natural wetlands. The natural diversity of flora and fauna of the municipality is valued by locals and visitors alike.

The main economic driver of the municipality is agriculture, including broadacre grain, intensive animal, seed, sheep and wool production, as well as olive and timber. Agricultural businesses range from international corporate investments, remotely managed farms, large family enterprises with extensive diversification, traditional mixed farms and hobby farms.

The population of 4,521 (2011 ABS) enjoy a range of services, delivered through the main towns of Edenhope, Kaniva, Goroke and Harrow. A number of smaller communities provide a focus for the agricultural community. The amenity of these communities is highly valued by residents, reflecting the natural environment and its proud agricultural heritage.

The municipality is transected by two national highways (Western and Wimmera Highways respectively) and is well placed between the cities of Melbourne and Adelaide. An extensive network of arterial and local roads service towns and rural residents and businesses.

West Wimmera communities access quality health, community services and education facilities. Each town boasts a variety of commercial businesses, many in support of the strong agricultural sector.

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