Transfer Stations Fees & Charges

West Wimmera Shire has Transfer Stations located in Apsley, Chetwynd, Dergholm, Edenhope, Goroke, Harrow and Kaniva. Fees apply and must be paid at the time of disposal.

Item Cost
Green Waste FREE
Hard Waste
Per Cubic Metre $27.00
120 Litre Wheelie Bin $5.00
240 Litre Wheelie Bin $7.00
Passenger Tyre $11.00
Light Truck $16.00
Heavy Truck $24.00
Small Tractor $24.00
Large Tractor $42.00
Weighted Loads of Concrete/Builders Rubble etc. $80.00
Single $25.00
Double $32.00
ie. plastics, steel cans, aluminium cans, glass, as well as farm materials such as fence wire, steel, metal tanks, spout and corrugated iron. Metal products must be free of other material such as wood or plastics. It is also necessary to segregate from other waste. FREE
Asbestos - must be wrapped <10m2 - refer to Asbestos page $15.00

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