Harrow by Night Sound & Light Show

When: Apr 21, 2018
Where: Blair Street, Harrow
Time(s): 7.30pm - late
Cost: $60 per person

Based upon the history of the township of Harrow, circa 1850's, the Harrow Sound & Light Show is a live theatre event.

Ticket includes a two course meal at the historic Hermitage Hotel, live bush band and all manner of historical characters...bushrangers, mounted troopers, Major Mitchell, local undertaker, Dr & Midwife and ladies of the night. One is never sure who will appear from the grave.

Contact Details: Harrow Discovery Centre | 03 5588 1387 | harrowsoundandlight@gmail.com
Website: www.harrow.org.au
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Harrow-Sound-Light-Show-314206272031191/

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