Projects and investment opportunities

West Wimmera is perfectly positioned for a number of investment opportunities in key industries, which would provide return on investment while enjoying an idyllic lifestyle. Opportunities include:

  • Agriculture/ agribusiness services including export
  • Biodiversity management and associated services
  • Engineering and manufacturing
  • Food processing/ niche product development
  • Health retreat/ day spa
  • Retail – including bakeries, eco-accommodation
  • Stock feed manufacturing
  • Tourism – including adventure activities, tour operators (Little Desert National Park; farm gate)

Industrial precincts

Suitable for a range of industrial and distribution centres, the region offers competitive industrial land both large and small.

The Kaniva Industrial Estate is currently the prime industrial area within the shire, and is attracting various industries to the region. The site caters for both light and heavy industrial operations.

Kaniva industrial estate

Kaniva Industrial Estate is situated on Farmers Street, 400 meters directly off the Western Highway. Kaniva is located halfway between Adelaide and Melbourne.

Opportunities exist for potential business in:

  • Agricultural equipment, sales and service
  • Car wash
  • Electrical, engineering, plumbing and other light trade
  • Food processing
  • Storage
  • Warehousing and logistics


West Wimmera has a strong foundation in the agricultural sector, providing a significant opportunity for further investment that complements the industry. The region is well positioned to attract investment in agriculture production and value-add incorporating food and fibre products, and advanced food processing.


West Wimmera region is ripe for a range of tourism infrastructure and attractions. Opportunities exist to tap into the tourist market and day visitors that are drawn to the region for its many natural, rural and historic charms. Situated on national highways, the townships of West Wimmera experience large numbers of drive through traffic.