West Wimmera Housing Opportunity

At West Wimmera Shire, we take pride in our remarkable community and the exceptional quality of life it offers. Nestled in a picturesque corner of the world, our region boasts a thriving environment complete with essential services like healthcare and education. We invite you to explore the array of possibilities that our region holds, from launching your own business venture to pursuing fulfilling employment opportunities.

Addressing housing shortages in the shire

As we continue to embrace growth and progress, we recognise a critical challenge that requires our collective attention – the shortage of housing. The scarcity of housing is impacting our businesses and community, prompting us to take decisive action to address this concern.

A collaborative approach

Over the past years, West Wimmera Shire Council has joined hands with Wimmera Southern Mallee Development (formerly known as Wimmera Development Association) to explore strategies that attract investments into our housing sector. We have developed a range of valuable resources and initiatives, which can be viewed here:

WSMD housing blueprint

However, more needs to be done and we are now reaching out to residents and ratepayers for their assistance.

Are you in one of these scenarios?

  • You own property and are considering development opportunities.
  • You possess land that you're open to selling for development purposes.
  • You're a landowner seeking guidance on initiating development.
  • You're on the lookout for housing within our region.
  • You have capital to contribute to a development project and want to support a community endeavor with potential returns.

Our vision

Our vision revolves around developing quality housing that caters to diverse needs. From cozy two-bedroom units ideal for individuals or couples, to spacious three or four-bedroom homes that beckon families to put down roots – our region offers a wide spectrum of possibilities.

Our Business Concierge Service is here to help with navigating through required due diligence processes, permits and connecting you with other interested parties and support.

We extend a warm invitation to those who share our vision for the development of our towns. Let's collaborate, innovate, and together, shape a brighter future.

Join the conversation

We welcome you to join the conversation and play a pivotal role in this transformative journey. Fill in an expression of interest form below to share your thoughts.

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