Management of Lake Wallace

On Display Indefinitely

Clarity regarding uncertainty in relation to the management of Lake Wallace.

Council has received several questions and queries over the last few weeks regarding Lake Wallace. There has specifically been uncertainty about who is responsible for the management of weeds.
“We have looked into the matter and can understand the uncertainty around management responsibilities because there are many stakeholders involved, and Council has unfortunately been provided with different, and sometimes conflicting opinions and advice, over the years from various organisations and consultants” said West Wimmera Shire Council’s CEO David Bezuidenhout.
Looking at the facts, including title searches, government gazette publications and legislation, it has become clear that Lake Wallace consists of three reserve areas. Council was appointed as committee of management (CoM) over one area in 1910, and the two other areas in 1998.
As CoM, Council may ultimately determine the most appropriate manner in which it discharges its management and maintenance responsibilities, provided that it complies with any cultural heritage, environmental and other requirements to the extent that they apply to Lake Wallace.
Council may investigate various options available to it in respect of weed management, considering environmental and recreational costs and benefits, before determining the most appropriate option moving forward.
In June, Council resolved to investigate Lake Wallace weed management. Council has accordingly engaged a contractor and is working with an engineering consultant to undertake an investigation into options and feasibility regarding Lake Wallace weed management and the possibility of designing and engineering a weed cutting machine.
Once finalised, this information will be provided to Council for further direction and communicated to the community.
Council is in the process of developing a Lake Wallace Strategic Plan which will provide a clear vision for Lake Wallace and its future management. The final draft is currently being reviewed by the Project Control Group.
“Lake Wallace is an important recreational, cultural and environmental asset for Edenhope and the surrounding area. The adoption of a Strategic Plan will provide long term confidence and guidance for the management of Lake Wallace into the future,” Mr Bezuidenhout said.
For further queries contact David Bezuidenhout CEO 13 99 72