Apsley Park Playspace Master Plan

Survey closes 05 June 2022.


In response to community feedback, Council has begun the process of developing a playspace master plan, for the Apsley Park.

What is the Master Plan?

A master plan is a long-term comprehensive site plan which will guide future investment into the Apsley Park Playspace.  

The project aims to produce a masterplan of development that:

  • Identifies the structural layout and appearance of the Apsley Park .
  • Considers short term actions in addition to long term development aspects.
  • Consider the needs of all stakeholders.
  • Consider linkage to other play spaces both locally and regionally.
  • Considers the demographic of the playspace to ensure that all community members are represented
  • Provides a resource that council can use to source funding to develop this playspace in Apsley.

The master plan will be created with school student and community consultation. We want to hear from you about what you would like to see at the Apsley Park.

Complete the survey below to have your say.
Survey closes 05 June 2022.

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Apsley Playspace Survey



Apsley Lions Park, Wimmera Hwy &, Splatt St, Apsley VIC 3319, Apsley 3319  View Map

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