Do I need a planning permit?

Whether or not you need a planning permit depends on what you want to do, where you want to do it and how the land is affected by the planning policies, zones, overlays and provisions outlined in the West Wimmera Planning Scheme.

There are a variety of instances where you may need a planning permit such as:

  • The subdivision of land.
  • The removal or lopping of native vegetation.
  • Construction of outbuildings (sheds and garages).
  • The construction and use of a dwelling in many rural and rural residential areas.
  • Development and use of a multi-unit development.
  • Changing the use of the land - setting up a new business.
  • Constructing, altering and sometimes painting a building located within a Heritage Overlay.
  • Demolition of a building in a Heritage Overlay.
  • Commencing or expanding a business without sufficient on site car parking.
  • Applying for a new liquor licence or extending an existing licence.