Senior Citizen of the Year

Each year West Wimmera Shire Council acknowledges the significant achievements and contributions of those in our community aged 60 and over with the Senior Citizen of the Year Award, which is presented at the annual Seniors Concert.

Previous winners of this award are:

  • 2019: Mr Lachlan Turner
  • 2018: Mrs Elaine Bull
  • 2017: Mrs Frances Ryan
  • 2016: Mr Barry "Butch" Witmitz
  • 2015: Mrs Deanna Farranfield
  • 2014: Mr Don Forster
  • 2012: Mrs Dorothy White

Who is eligible to be nominated for this award?

The nominee must:

  • Be a resident of West Wimmera Shire
  • Be aged 60 years or more
  • Have made an outstanding contribution to the community since turning 60

What are the selection criteria?

Selection criteria include the following:

  • Nominee makes a difference to community wellbeing
  • Nominee has a positive attitude towards ageing – they continue to be active in the community and encourage others to do the same
  • Nominee may be an unsung hero in the community

How can I nominate someone for this award?

Complete the Senior Citizen of the Year nomination dorm, and tell us why this person deserves to be the West Wimmera Shire Council Senior Citizen of the Year.

Nominations open in July/August each year, and close in September.

Next steps

Councillors select the winner in the closed session of an Ordinary Council Meeting.

The winner is announced at the Seniors Concert in October.