Cemeteries can provide a wealth of information about the history of a region, as well as for private genealogical research.

Main town cemeteries are still in use with headstones from the past eras. There are also smaller historical cemeteries throughout the shire, and these exist wherever smaller settlements commenced. Many have several grave sites, others only one.

Any information sought regarding burials at the Edenhope Cemetery can be obtained from the Edenhope and District Historical Society. Phone Geoff Langsworth on 0409 551 911

You can also check through West Wimmera Visitor Information Centres or any of the websites with Victoria's cemetery details regarding access to the following cemeteries, as some are on private property.

  • Apsley
  • Beneyeo Station
  • Chetwynd
  • Cove
  • Dergholm
  • Dinyarrock
  • Edenhope
  • Goroke
  • Harrow
  • Kaniva / Lillimur
  • Karnak
  • Lawloit
  • Lemon Springs
  • Minimay
  • Miram
  • Mortat Station
  • Neuarpurr Station
  • Newlands Station
  • Ozenkadnook
  • Pine Hills Station
  • Pleasant Banks
  • Serviceton
  • South Lillimur
  • Yarrock Homestead


Edenhope,  Goroke, Kaniva and Lillimur cemeteries
PO Box 201, Edenhope VIC 3318
Phone: 13 WWSC
Email: council@westwimmera.vic.gov.au