Possum Trapping

Possums are protected under the Wildlife Act 1975 and must not be harmed or harassed in any way.

It is the home / property owners responsibility to find a humane trapping or relocation solution that complies to the Wildlife Act.

Council do not supply possum traps or cages.

Common Brushtail Possums living within buildings may be controlled. 

Possum trap

The following conditions, limitations and restrictions apply in respect of trapping the Common Brushtail Possums living within buildings:

  • Common Brushtail Possums may only be trapped by home owners or occupiers and members of their families, building managers or their staff or Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) licensed Wildlife Controllers.
  • They may only be trapped in a cage trap designed not to cause injury
  • Trapped possums must be released on the property on which they are captured, up to a maximum of 50 metres from the capture site after sunset on the day of capture.
  • Where it is not reasonably possible to release the possum on your property, possums must be humanely destroyed by a registered veterinary practitioner, at the trapper’s expense, within 24 hours of capture.
  • Trapped possums must be protected from rain or wind, direct sun and domestic animals at all times.


For more information on possums, please refer to the DELWP website.

General enquiries and wildlife emergencies: 136 186