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The Annual Report is produced annually and contains details of programs and activities undertaken by Council throughout the previous financial year.

It highlights achievements made by Council with respect to the objectives and performance targets set out in its Management Plan for that year, identifying that the vast majority of the undertakings made by Council at the start of a financial year have, indeed, been met.

The Annual Report contains Council's vision, performance, achievements and audited Financial Statements, as well as future directions.

You can view or download Annual Report documents by clicking on the links below.  Earlier copies can be obtained by contacting us on 13 WWSC or 13 99 72 or emailing

2021-2022-Annual-Report-Final.pdf(PDF, 15MB)

WWSC-Performance-Statement-2021-22-Final.pdf(PDF, 2MB)

WWSC-Financial-Statements-2021-22-Final.pdf(PDF, 883KB)


The West Wimmera Shire Council Plan 2021-2025 is the key strategic document that will be used to prioritise activities across the next four years.

Containing actions and advocacy actions it enables Council to act on the communities behalf to protect service standards that have an effect on the total quality of life of the resident population.

The staff of the West Wimmera Shire Council also endeavour to implement the outcomes of this plan and report regularly on its progress. Whilst there are a number of ambitious targets to meet, the plan contains objectives that are deliverable and strengthen the administration’s efforts to ensure that the Shire remains sustainable.




The Local Government Act 2020 s306 requires all candidates in a Council election to submit an election campaign donation return to the Chief Executive Officer within 40 days after election day.

The Chief Executive Officer must then submit a written report to the Minister for Local Government within 14 days advising the names of the candidates in the election and whether or not they submitted a return.

A summary of each election campaign donation return must be made available on Council’s website and include the name of the candidate and, if a gift is included in the return, the name of the person who made the gift and the total value of the gift received from that person.

View a summary of the election campaign donation returns below.


Victorian councils have the broad power to make local laws ‘for or with respect to any act, matter or thing in respect of which the council has a function or power under this or any other Act’ (Local Government Act 2020, section 71(1)).

West Wimmera Shire Council utilise local laws to respond to issues and community needs within a local context. West Wimmera Shire Council typically deal with, but are not limited to, protection of local amenity as well as regulating activities on council controlled land and roads.

The Local Government Act 2020 (2020 Act) continues the long-standing ability for councils to make local laws, but how they are made, and their application have been amended to improve the relevance and effectiveness of local laws.


The Local Government Act 2020 requires Councillors and Nominated Officers of West Wimmera Shire Council to complete Personal Interest Returns (PIR).

A PIR must be completed within 30 days of the commencement in their role, and then biannually in March and September of each subsequent year. 

The Victorian Government imposes penalties for false and incomplete information provided in any PIR, and for failing to lodge the PIR within the legislated timeframes. 

Council is required to provide public access to a summary of the PIR's which have been lodged. 

Please see summaries below: 

Personal Interest summary - March 2024(PDF, 170KB)

Personal Interest summary - September 2023(PDF, 171KB)

Personal Interest summary - March 2023(PDF, 468KB)

For the sake of clarity, please note the following points from the LG Act 2020. 

  1. Council is required to ensure that PIR's are kept in accordance with the Public Records Act 1973
  2. Council must ensure that only the following persons have access to or can inspect the full completed version of the PIRs: 
  • The CEO of a member of Council staff who is responsible for managing the PIR's or preparing the PIR summary
  • A Municipal Monitor
  • The Chief Municipal Inspector or a person they authorise
  • A Commission of Inquiry 
  • The person who lodged the PIR 
  • A person who has obtained a Court Order to do so 

West Wimmera Shire Council's Policies are guidelines for the many and varied issues that arise in the Shire.

Policies are the representation of the values that Council holds and offer guidance for staff and Councillors in the decision-making process. They are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure they are relevant for the corporate direction of the Council.

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