Glass recycling


West Wimmera Shire Council's new glass bin kerbside collection service and drop-off service will commence in July 2023.  The introduction of glass recycling bin is an important first step towards improving the performance of our recycling.

Glass is the biggest contamination issue in mixed recycling as it breaks easily and becomes embedded in other recyclable materials such as hard plastic, paper and cardboard. The result is contaminated recycling that reduces the ability of recyclers to process the material and use it in new products.

Glass bin kerbside collection

The collection of glass bins will start on July 19 for Kaniva, Miram, Lillimur, Serviceton, and Apsley, and on July 20 for Edenhope, Harrow, Goroke, and Douglas. Glass recycling bins will be collected every four weeks. It is important to note that the collection times might differ from regular recycling or waste collection schedules. Therefore, residents are kindly requested to place their bins out the night before the scheduled collection day or no later than 6am on the day of collection to ensure timely pickup.

Glass collection sites

Glass can be deposited at Council Transfer Stations. Find your nearest transfer station here

There are also be community drop-off points at:

Edenhope - Langford Street, behind West Wimmera Shire Council offices and next to the Edenhope Men's Shed
Kaniva - Progress Street, behind West Wimmera Shire Council offices and next to the Senior Citizens.
Lake Charlegrark - Lake Charlegrark Reserve, near camping facilities
Lillimur - Commercial Road, across from the CFA station
Miram - Clarence Street
Serviceton - Elizabeth Street, near the entrance to the Serviceton Railway Station
Telopea Downs - Edgerley Road, in front of the Telopea Downs Hall

Putting your purple bin out:

  • Put your bin out the night before collection day or before 6am on collection day
  • Bring it in when it's empty
  • Place your bin on the kerb close to the road
  • Make sure it faces towards the road (the handle should face your home)
  • Make sure that the bin lid is closed (do not over fill your bin)

Frequently asked questions

What goes in each bin


Why separate glass from recycling?

Separating glass from other recycling will make recycling more efficient, and allow more glass to be recovered for recycling. Under the current system about 30 per cent of glass cannot be recovered and broken glass fragments cause other materials to be unrecyclable.

Lids or no lids?

Please ensure that the glass jars and bottles that you place in the purple bin are lightly rinsed and do NOT have a lid attached. The lids will need to go into the general rubbish bin.

What about broken glass?

Some items crush as shards and contaminate the glass batch. Therefore, we kindly request that you keep broken glass in the general waste.

What if I don’t want a glass bin service?

The roll out of the glass bins is compulsory for all urban residents. The state government is currently developing legislation which may allow for residents to opt out, however at present time the service is mandatory.


What are you doing with the glass?

Council is collecting the glass and taking it to Warracknabeal where a joint rural glass crushing unit will crush the glass for Councils to then use as a base in footpaths.

What about Food and Organic Waste collection?

At this time West Wimmera Council is not rolling out a green Food and Organic (FOGO) waste collection as the closest processing facility is in Melbourne. If a local or regional processing facility is established, then Council will consult with the community about introducing a service.