Corella management

Long-billed corellas are a part of the West Wimmera landscape. They are intelligent, social birds which flock and roost together. The birds mate for life and can live up to 50 years of age. Corellas’ beaks grow constantly, and they chew items in their environment to maintain their beaks’ length and condition. This occurs wherever they land and can result in damage to trees, turf and built infrastructure.


Corellas have long-term memories and use regular flight paths to return to reliable feeding areas. Corellas are also very adaptable birds and quickly respond to changes in their environment. They can also quickly become used to various management techniques.

Corella damage is seasonal and occurs from late September through to April depending on the season. During this time, thousands of corellas migrate into West Wimmera Shire creating a challenge for Council to manage.

Council has a Corella Management Plan 2020-2024(PDF, 1MB). The purpose of this plan is to clearly identify the issues, understand the various management strategies available to Council and to outline a corella action plan to be implemented within townships. 

Report scout birds

An early step that is vital in Council’s corella management plan is to deter scout birds. Scout birds are the first birds that come into our towns, usually between September and November. These birds are looking for sources of food and places to roost. Targeting scout birds can deter the corella flocks that follow.

If residents see a scout bird on Council-owned land, they should Council via the form below or call 13 99 72. 

Report a scout bird here

Scout birds will be deterred using scaring methods.