Temporary and mobile food operators


Anybody wanting to operate a mobile food van or temporary food premises must be registered with FoodTrader and fill out an online application form

Moblie food vendor infographic.png


FoodTrader is a website that allows statewide registration and notification of temporary and mobile food premises, private drinking water carters and food vending machines. The statewide registration applies to all businesses, community groups and not-for-profit organisations. 

How to register

Go to FoodTrader website at least two weeks prior to conducting an event. You will need to create a login (unless you already have one, in which case you just simply fill in your username and password). Once your login details are complete, you will automatically enter the FoodTrader website. FoodTrader will guide you through the process until you're ready to hit the lodge button.

Once your application is submitted through FoodTrader, an Environmental Health Officer (EHO) will review your application to determine whether your classification is correct and of there are any fees applicable. Please Note: an application to register a temporary or mobile food premises may take up to 21 days. 

An EHO will contact you to arrange an inspection of your mobile food premises, please ensure you follow safe handling and storage practices. 

Once your application has been approved and have received a Certificate of Registration, you will then be able to submit a Statement of Trade (SoT) which is notification to the relevant municipality you will be trading in. You are required to submit a SoT at least 1 day prior to the event. 

Application for mobile food vendor

After you have registered with FoodTrader, please complete an application for mobile food vendor.

Your application must include a site plan, confirmation of your FoodTrader registration, certificate of currency for your Public Liability insurance and an emergency management plan. You can download a template of an emergency management plan here: Emergency-Management-Plan-Template.docx(DOCX, 55KB)

For more information, please contact Council’s Environmental Health Officer on 13 WWSC (13 99 72).

Footpath trading

For temporary events or food premises where tables and chairs are to be setup on the footpaths a permit from Councils Local Law Office is required. Please refer to the Local Laws webpage for further information.