About Us


  • Situated along the Victorian-South Australian border, West Wimmera covers 9,200 square kilometres of predominantly agricultural land and includes the townships of Apsley, Edenhope, Harrow, Goroke, Kaniva and Serviceton.

Home to over 4,500 people, the region prides itself in its welcoming communities and a wide diversity of industry and environment.

Consisting of untouched desert parks, vast wetlands and fertile plains, West Wimmera is equally known for its acres of wheat and legumes, and as a home to the famous Malleefowl, red-tail black cockatoo and a unique abundance of wildflowers.

Community Vision Statement

Our West Wimmera communities are healthy, thriving, diverse, harmonious, prosperous and self-sustaining, with regional and global connectivity.

West Wimmera Shire Councillors have a positive image of the region, which can best be described by the following statement:

Our West Wimmera communities are peaceful, prosperous and connected.

Our farmers have added value to their commodities and embrace the very latest technologies to drive efficiency and commercial success. High-quality transport and digital infrastructure are enabling our agricultural producers and other businesses to thrive and compete globally.

There have been significant investments in renewable energy infrastructure within the Shire and this has generated many new local jobs. Several new and expanded businesses now operate very profitably within the Shire, and this has created significant opportunities attracting many new residents from diverse backgrounds.

Visitors are flocking to our stunning wetlands and recreational water, and are making a significant contribution to the local economy. Tourism itineraries and quality signage guide visitors through the Shire.

Our major centres have high-quality service options aligned with community need. Our small townships and communities feel well supported and are connected within the broader West Wimmera community.

Many of our young people have returned to the place where they grew up, to raise their own families. Residents of all abilities and ages are well supported.

Sporting clubs within the Shire have quality facilities and continue to be a hub for community connection and positive well-being outcomes.

The Council has a tremendous reputation for innovation and professionalism and is skilled at advocacy, which is attracting funding to drive service and infrastructure investments.

Council Values

  • West Wimmera Shire values its resident population and its wellbeing. This will be demonstrated through the promotion of viable and sustainable communities, the retention of the current population and support to grow communities.
  • West Wimmera Shire values good governance and transparent decision making. Supporting Community Groups and advocating on their behalf will enable open dialogue to occur with residents.
  • Representing the whole of West Wimmera is valued highly by Councillors. Eliminating any perception of a geographical divide will greatly benefit everyone.
  • A connected community, both via transport infrastructure and modern digital technology, that enables us to be connected to the world for business and education.
  • Partnerships (locally, regionally and with government) are valued as a way of ensuring sustainable service delivery.


Organisational Structure

Our organisation is structured into two key business units:

  • Infrastructure Development and Works
  • Corporate and Community Service

The Senior Management Team comprises the Chief Executive Officer and the Director from each business unit.


David Leahy - Chief Executive Officer

Responsible for:

  • Corporate and Strategic Development
  • Policy Development
  • Corporate Governance
  • Organisational Development
  • Public Relations and Corporate Marketing
  • Council Administration


Mark Marziale - Director Infrastructure Development and Works

 Responsible for:

  • Aerodrome
  • Animal control
  • Assets
  • Buildings
  • Emergency management
  • Environmental health
  • Fire prevention
  • Infrastructure engineering
  • Local laws and ranger
  • Natural resources
  • Parks and gardens
  • Planning and environment
  • Project and contract management
  • Quarries
  • Roads
  • Transfer stations
  • Works
  • Workshop services


Ashley Roberts - Director Corporate and Community Services

 Responsible for:

  • Communications
  • Community support
  • Customer service
  • Early years
  • Economic and community development
  • Finance
  • Home and community care
  • Information technology
  • Living at home/regional assessment service
  • Matenral and hcild health
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Rates and GIS
  • Tourism
  • Wimmera Regional Library Corporation 
  • Youth services