Drought is characterized by acute water shortages or extended periods of dryness exceeding historical averages. In our region, droughts occur approximately every 20 years, with severe implications such as increased fire risk and heatwaves.

During drought declarations, Council and other agencies allocate extra resources to assist the community. Specific details are available when a drought is declared.

Droughts come in a variety of duration's and intensities and can affect people in a variety of ways depending on their current circumstances. All droughts can cause stress to the family farm and the family unit.

Personal well-being

Managing family and personal stress during a drought is critical. Consider seeking support from a local GP, mental health professionals, resilience services, or helplines like:

There are a range of counselling services and useful publications including Coping with Stress and Suggestions for Farm Families in Crisis

Managing livestock

Agriculture Victoria offers publications to aid in livestock management and water supplies during drought, including resources on animal health and dealing with hot conditions.

Financial Assistance

Explore various financial support options during drought periods, including:

Information sources