Perinatal Emotional Health Program


Our Perinatal Emotional Health Practitioner (PEHP) offers free services, providing support with counselling strategies, referrals and education to help those in need.

While pregnancy and early parenthood is an exciting time bringing feelings of love, amazement, great joy and fulfilment - it can also be exhausting, lonely and overwhelming. Some common feelings new parents may experience are:

  • Sad, low moods, tearfulness
  • Anxiousness and worry
  • Tiredness, loneliness, feeling
  • overwhelmed
  • Problems with eating and sleeping
  • Feelings of frustration and irritability
  • Difficulty with household tasks
  • Fear of harming self or baby
  • Poor concentration and memory
  • Feelings of loss of control

Our Perinatal Emotional Health Program is a free service. Our practitioners can provide individual assessments, support with counselling strategies, referral advice, and education. There is also the flexibility of home visits.

Contact us

Perinatal Emotional Health Practitioner - Adrienne Caldow

49 Elizabeth Street Edenhope VIC 3318

Phone: 0418 818 127 or 13 WWSC